Delivering primary care buildings for the NHS

Primary care

Lovel Developments has become a trusted expert in delivering primary care buildings. We develop, own and manage a portfolio of primary care, medical and care facilities across Yorkshire and further afield. We work with occupiers to understand their needs and deliver buildings to suit their requirements.

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Medical centres for communities

We work with GPs to design and deliver bespoke new medical centres and private hospital buildings, each of which are individually designed to meet the needs of the communities they serve. This also involves ensuring that the buildings are future-proofed for years to come, which ensures practices can flourish in the long term.

Modern and sustainable solutions

GPs and patients benefit from our team of expert healthcare architects and other professionals with whom we work closely to incorporate the latest sustainability and design innovations.

A development only moves forward when everyone has agreed that the project is of the highest quality, offers value for money and is fit for function. The District Valuer then agrees the rent, the GPs sign an agreement for lease, and our third-party building contractor architects help us to procure a building which delivers sustainable solutions benefiting all stakeholders.

Working with the care sector

The care sector is also a field that the team at Lovel Developments has become closely involved with. As the UK has an ageing population, they are consequently going to need more care. This creates a need for high-quality care homes, which we help to develop with care providers so that the right kind of facilities are available to communities around the UK.


Willerby & Swanland Surgery were in the position where we had outgrown our premises and to meet the needs of our patients, we needed a modern , purpose-built GP practice.


Lovel Developments has been extremely supportive throughout the whole process and I am delighted to say that the new building will assist us in developing our range of services, enhance patient care and grow our staff team in order to support our community.

Mandy Edwards Executive Manager, Willand Primary Care Centre


Jim Hickey - Willerby & Swanland Surgery Relocation Project Lead

From project consultancy to design architecture, from planning to construction, Lovel Developments has been a strength and support to us as we went from concept to reality.

Whilst Willand PCC may be one of many for Lovel Developments, to us it is our first and only project and we feel that was never forgotten by Philip and his team.

This is as much our surgery as it is Lovel Developments’ building. We have inputted into every aspect so we genuinely see this as ours – from layout to colours, from lighting to the number of rooms, from landscaping to pandemic future proofing.

We are not yet two months into occupancy but know we still have ongoing support from Philip and his team to ensure anything overlooked is addressed, anything not quite right is remedied and areas needing adjustment are attended to.

We want to thank Philip and his team at Lovel Developments for letting us be who we are throughout this project – and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anybody wondering what Lovel Developments can do for them : care, support, service, professionalism and delivery. Thank you.

Case studies

Medical case studies

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