Community Impact

Responsible developments

Lovel Developments is a responsible and caring development company that takes multiple factors into account when managing the transformation of land. We make each project work in unison with the needs of landowners, developers, users, communities and the environment.


Local communities

We’re dedicated to working closely with local communities when developing land for any purpose. By sharing information regarding planning applications and designs, as well as running public consultations, our team creates accessible two-way communication channels. This gives local residents ample opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns in the very early stages of the planning process.

Conservation & ecology

The development of land and buildings requires in-depth consultation with local communities and a strong focus on the conservation of local habitats. This involves environmental studies, flood risk analysis and the integration of local ecosystems at the design stage, resulting in new facilities that work in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Environment and sustainability

Lovel Developments also seeks to ensure that all new commercial buildings are designed to incorporate the latest technology to help minimise impact on the environment.

Previous projects have achieved a rating of ‘Very Good’ or 'Excellent' on the BREEAM rating. This is no mean feat, as attaining the highest possible rating requires intensive planning that minimises the carbon footprint and environmental impact of new buildings.

The end users of our buildings are increasingly aware of environmental, social and governance issues and seek to reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment, and we work with them to help raise standards of construction


Working to BREEAM standards

BREEAM was launched in 1990 by the Building Research Establishment as an environmental assessment for new build office developments in the UK. It is now the leading methodology that ensures buildings are compliant when it comes to sustainable construction, operation and design. Lovel Developments incorporates BREEAM into its commercial projects, from planning and design through to completion, ensuring emphasis on sustainability across the project lifecycle.

We care about the impact our developments have on the existing environment and take great care during the design and construction phases to implement the conditions and recommendations of planning officers and consultants, enhancing the landscape and ecology, reducing our carbon footprint, and providing a socially acceptable asset to the wider community. We have developed a network of trusted consultants who provide assessments on flood risk, ground water, arboriculture, air quality and noise impact. They also provide detailed biodiversity reports and heritage statements, and determine ways to implement remedial measures where necessary to protect and optimise the existing habitat.


Some of our completed projects


Sam Jones - Director of Energy & Sustainability


Lovel Developments ensure sustainability is embedded across the full design and construction process. We’ve worked together to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of their buildings, successfully implementing the world’s foremost sustainability standard for the built environment, BREEAM, on both the Market Weighton Medical Centre and the Willand Primary Care Centre projects to achieve Excellent and Very Good ratings respectively.