Over 25 years of development and investment

Founded in 1999, Lovel Developments has over twenty years of wide-ranging experience in bringing forward strategic development projects. Predominantly operating in Yorkshire, we have also worked in the Midlands, the North of England, London and across the UK.

Our Vision

The landowners, occupiers, partners and communities that we work with trust our reputation, respect our expertise and value our forward thinking approach and ability to deliver. This vision is what fuels our day-to-day operations and ensures that our projects are always of the highest calibre.

Trusted land developers

Over the years we have become experts in delivering large-scale land development projects all the way from conception to fruition. Any issues that arise along the way are expertly handled by us, allowing the project to progress smoothly and delivering results. In many cases we have been approached to deliver complicated projects which have stalled for various reasons. For example, a project in Castleford had been identified as a potential development site since the 1970’s, but land ownership and access issues meant that the site had never come forward. We successfully secured the site and obtained full planning approval.

We work on any scale

It could be that you own just a few acres of land in or on the outskirts of a village, town or city, or perhaps your land portfolio spans a far larger area and multiple sites. Whatever the case, we can help you to release its potential in a fast, effective and profitable way. We resolve all of the technical issues associated with delivering land for development, from concept to delivery keeping you fully informed along the way.

Community-focused land development

We actively engage with local communities and stakeholders as part of the planning process. This enables us to achieve the most beneficial and positive outcomes for all parties involved. Additionally, we invest time and resources into finding ways to make all land development projects environmentally responsible.

You can find out more about how we integrate community and environmental considerations of our projects on our Impact page.

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Sectors in which we operate