Land Wanted

Unlocking the value and potential of your land



The Government’s objective is to substantially increase the supply of new homes, although this is balanced with significant environmental and technical constraints. The demand for housing is far outstripping the available supply. Lovel Developments specialises in overcoming constraints, delivering innovative solutions to bring forward land for development.


The ability to deliver new employment opportunities, distribution facilities, and roadside uses to support economic growth is also an important factor. Lovel Developments deliver commercial projects as standalone schemes, or created hand-in-hand with linked residential development to provide a positively balanced community, such as at Lowfield Road, Anlaby.

The UK planning system is complex, and the cost and associated risks of bringing forward new developments are substantial. Once a client enters into an Agreement with us, the costs and risk of promotion are borne by Lovel Developments. We pride ourselves on our record of delivering planning permission for new homes and employment schemes.

We work on projects large & small, and are happy to have a no obligation discussion. We do not land bank projects and are selective about which projects that our in house team feel can be successfully delivered.

Maximising the development potential of your land through a careful and considered planning strategy